If double vision is giving you grief while trying to play, check out what you can do to help.

It has been a few years since the Google Cardboard has hit the market, and since then, plenty of companies have made cheap Virtual Reality viewers for themselves. These VR headsets do the trick with help from a smartphone, however they aren’t the most elegant solution. But who’s complaining when it only cost you $20.

A problem that a lot of these headsets have however is that they can give you some pretty sever double vision while you’re using them. Trust me, I know. Double vision can be pretty tiring for your eyes also, and can give you headaches long after you’re finished using the headset. In this article, we are going to go over what you can do to help deal with double vision.

Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard Headset – Image Credit: Google
The Cause of Double Vision using VR

Double vision has a direct relationship with your IPD. If you don’t know what your IPD is, it is the distance between your pupils and is important for VR. This is because the lenses in your headset must be lined up with your pupils to avoid eye fatigue and headaches. What happens is when your lenses are not aligned properly, the light coming into your eyes is bent in odd ways that your eyes are not used to. This in turn causes fatigue and double vision.

Want to know more? Check out our breakdown of the importance of IPD and who deals with it well here.

The average persons IPD is 63mm, however it can range from 54 to 72mm. This is a problem for most cheap headsets such as the Google Cardboard. The Cardboard doesn’t allow you to physically change the distance between the lenses, and neither do most headsets. Very few allow for physical movement in the lens position, even the Oculus Rift S.

IPD Measurment – Image Credit: Zenni Optical
What To Do About It

Well if you’re hell bent on getting a Google Cardboard, they could have solved the problem for you already. Google released a library of QR codes that allow you to optimise the Cardboard app to work with specific headsets. I found this to be extremely useful with my Stealth VR headset. I was struggling with double vision when I first started using this headset however the Google QR Codes along with adjusting the lens distance worked a treat.

If you don’t need the Google Cardboard, there are a hundred Cardboard styled headsets available. If you choose to try a different headset, make an effort to try and get a headset that allows for lens adjustment. Not just for IPD adjustment but for adjusting the distance from your eyes for focus. This was extremely helpful on my Stealth VR also as the out-of-the-box distance proved to be extremely blurry.

The last case solution is to tough it out. With time, your eyes should adjust to the lens distance and you should be able to use the headset as designed. This will most likely come with some discomfort. It all depends how severe the double vision is. I know that without adjusting the lens distances, I would have given up before adjusting to the headset. If your double vision is not too severe, maybe this is an option for you. It all depends on you.

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