With any one of these kits, you will be in for a blast.

The Nintendo Labo is one of the top VR experiences available today that doesn’t cost a lot of money. By supplying a cheap flat packed cardboard headset along with video instructions, Nintendo have managed to reduce costs for themselves and their customers. On top of the headset, Nintendo has also released a variety of kits that you can purchase and construct. You can use these kits with your Labo headset for a better experience in game.

The Labo isn’t like most virtual reality experiences. VR can normally be isolating in its style but the Labo is designed to be played with friends. The games are quick and turn based, and the headset doesn’t come with a strap. It is an interesting take on virtual reality that is clearly pointed at the child demographic. The toycons are no different with some even shaped like animals. It is definitely a fun new take on VR.

In this article, we plan to go over each of the Labo Toycon Kits available for purchase today and how you can use them. Let’s get started.

VR Starter Kit

Available from Amazon here.

Nintendo Labo Starter Kit
Image Credit: Nintendo

The VR starter kit from Nintendo is the base kit that you will need if you plan on using Virtual Reality with your switch. The kit comes with the cardboard headset as well as a blaster to place your joycon’s in. The headset can be used at any time with any VR compatible Switch game.

The Starter kit comes with a range of group friendly games to be played using their respective toycons. You can then use the blaster for mini games that you receive with the kit.

VR Complete Kit

Available from Amazon here.

Image Credit: Amazon

The VR complete kit is the larger starter pack for when you first get your hands on a Labo. Like the starter kit, the complete kit comes with the Labo headset and the blaster. Along with those toycons, the complete kit also comes with a bird, elephant, a camera and a wind pedal toycon. Each of these toycons can be used for different games such as the camera is used in an underwater fish photography game and the bird for a game where you fly as a bird.

The games range from single player to multi player depending on the toycon. You can even use the elephant toycon to play pictionary. If you have already purchased the starter kit, Nintendo has made expansions available that contain certain toycons from this set.

In the Labo Expansion 1 kit, you will find the Elephant and Camera toycons and in the Labo Expansion 2 kit, you will find the Bird and Wind-Pedal toycons.

Vehicle Kit

Available from Amazon here.

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit
Image Credit: Amazon

The Labo vehicle kit is a little more technical than the previous kits. The Vehicle kit contains three toycons, a steering wheel for car play, a joystick for aeroplanes and an odd steering assembly for submarines. On top of these toycons, you also get a peddle to control your speed.

The vehicle kit uses more wires and rubber bands than the starter kits and these can have quite an impact. On the steering wheel, you have a pull chord for speed boosts which let you jump your car when you let go. You also have a lever to pull for a reverse, and a lever to pull for a number of special functions. You can change these functions with a spinning knob on the lever.

The submarine toycon lets you convert your in game car into a submarine. By using the two handles on either side, you can control the direction of the propellers and steer the submarine around. You can also press a button to fire the anchor from the front of the submarine.

Nintendo Labo Submarine Toycon – Image Credit: Nintendo

Variety Kit

Available from Amazon here.

Image Credit: Amazon

The Labo variety kit is another kit filled with a bunch of toycons that can be used for plenty of different games. Each toycon in the variety kit has a completely different purpose similar to the starter kits. Nintendo have once again covered this with the game you receive in the box.

The first toy in the box is the robot. This simple toy uses the HD vibration in the joycon controllers to move itself. It’s something you need to see to understand how it works but it’s simplicity is astounding. You can also increase the complexity of the toycon and use the cameras in the joycon controller to create a route for your RC robot.

The Labo variety kit also has a fishing rod toycon that can be used for a semi-realistic fishing experience. The toycon reflects your movements of the fishing line in game and even vibrates the line when you get a bite, giving you fishing fun at home. Speaking of home, Nintendo have also created the toycon house. Oddly reminiscent of a tamagotchi, the toycon house lets you play around with a little critter in it’s house. By inserting different blocks into the cardboard house, you can change the world your critter is living in and play games with it. With 3 different openings, all of which having a different effect and the possibility for combinations, there are loads of different block/entry combinations that you can play around with.

Nintendo Labo Toycon Bike
Image Credit: Nintendo

The toycon bike lets you use cardboard handlebars to ride an in-game motorbike that you can use to race against the clock and competitors. The orientation mechanics in the controllers let you lean with the toycon to steer the bike as well as use it to get boosts and pop wheelies. Smaller toycons in the shape of a small bike and a scanner let you create your own terrains and tracks. The scanner gun works by scanning an object nearby and that 3D object shapes the terrain of the stadium floor. You can then use the mini bike toycon to ride along an invisible track in the air. The game then translates this into a playable track.

Finally we have the toycon piano. This is by far the most impressive toycon in the variety kit. The cardboard piano acts as expected, like a piano, however by shaking the piano, you are able to alter the sound played by the piano. Not only this, but by placing different keys in the piano, you are able to change the sound made by the toycon. The fun begins when you begin to create your own music, this is because you are able to adjust a range of different aspects of the sound. You can cut out your own music sheet and place it into the toycon for the piano to play, you can also do this with a rhythm card for a similar effect. Finally you can use one of your joycons as a conductor to control the tempo of the music.

While the opportunities supplied by the variety kit are small on their own, the kit as a whole is fantastic. It offers a range of fun games and ways to play with friends that is definitely a step above the complete starter kit.

Robot Kit

Available from Amazon here.

Nintendo Labo Toycon Robot
Image Credit: Amazon

The toycon robot kit is the most advanced toycon kit available. Once you put on the robot suit and grab the handles, you become a giant robot. In the Labo robot game, you find yourself in a large city with a load of destructive skills. Using the handles of attached to the backpack, you can punch your way through the city. You can also stomp anyone in your path using the feet attachments to control the robots legs.

Thats not the end of it, you can also transform into a tank and a plane to wreak havoc. You can even turn into a flying tank, the perfect middle ground. However once you become the super giant robot, there’s no going back. Once you’re finished destroying a city, you can battle your friends for if you have two robot toycons.

Each of these toycons present different ways to have fun with your friends using a Nintendo Switch. Although they are not traditional VR experiences, the way that Nintendo has merged the player with the game brings them pretty close. We definitely look forward to trying out the next Labo kit that we can get our hands on, and it’s going to be amazing.

Think we missed something? Let us know.

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