It doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars to have your own VR experience.

It’s hard not to hear the term virtual reality and think of dollar bills. It’s not secret that VR can cost a pretty penny, especially if you are looking for a first class experience, but you can have fun with VR without spending thousands of dollars. In this article, we plan on laying out a budget PC build that will cover your VR needs.

It is important to remember that while we recommend certain components at the time of writing this article, new components are released all the time. It is also important to remember that the prices of these components change frequently and we offer only a rough figure.

Building a PC
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The Budget Build (2019) – $1128 AUD ($773 USD)

More often than not, money can be a restricting factor for doing what we love to do. Unfortunately, money just doesn’t grow on trees. That doesn’t mean however that we can’t have fun with VR. In the build listed below, we have outlined components that you will need to build a budget PC capable of running VR. These have been drawn from the minimum requirements of headsets such as the VIVE Cosmos and Oculus Rift S.

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ComponentsSelected ProductPrice (AUD)
CaseSilverStone Precision PS15 TG mATX$74 on Amazon
CPUIntel Core i3 8100$212 on Amazon
GPUMSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB$280 on Amazon
RamKingston HyperX Fury (2x4GB) DDR4 Black$60 on Amazon
MotherboardASUS Prime H370M Plus$170 on Amazon
CPU CoolerCryorig C7 Compact Top Flow$49 from PCCasegear
FansCooler Maser MasterFan
3 Fan Kit
$100 on Amazon
SSDWD Green 120GB SSD$36 on Amazon
HDDSeagate Barracuda 1TB$62 on Amazon
Power Thermaltake TR2 S 650W$85 on Amazon
Silverstone PS15
SilverStone PS15 Case

While the price of this PC may not classify as a budget PC to most, this is the reality of using VR. An advantage of building a PC that is able to meet the requirements of virtual reality is that it is more than capable of running most other games.

The motherboard and case both offer plenty of opportunity for upgrades in the future. This will allow you to develop your budget build into a premium build over time to develop your PC alongside VR tech.

The Premium Build (2019) – $2,442 AUD ($1,674 USD)

If money isn’t holding you back, then you may be looking for a more premium build for your VR experience. That’s good, not only does this mean that you can have a high end virtual reality experience now, you will also be able to go longer before needing to upgrade the system you build.

With the build below, we have decided to blow the recommended specs of the HTC and Oculus out of the water and layout a build to be proud of. But we aren’t going crazy with the money either, each component has been chosen from it’s performance and its value for money.

ComponentsSelected ProductPrice (AUD)
CaseNZXT H510 Elite RGB$290 on Amazon
CPUIntel Core i5 9600KF$358 on Amazon
GPUMSI GeForce GTX 1660 Super Gaming X 6GB$439 on Amazon
RamG.Skill Trident Z (2x8GB) DDR4$195 on Amazon
MotherboardASUS ROG Strix Z390-H$291 on Amazon
CPU CoolerNZXT Kraken X52 240mm
Liquid Cooler
$210 on Amazon
FansCorsair LL120 RGB
$139 on Amazon
SSDSamsung 860 EVO 500GB SATA$121 on Amazon
HDDSeagate Barracuda 3TB$146 on Amazon
Power ASUS ROG Strix 750W Gold$253 on Amazon

Now even though the price of this PC has definitely increased, it is still now an excessively expensive computer. We believe this price is well within the realms of a player or content creator that wants a strong performance from a well priced build. This build will ensure that any VR experience is a premium one and that you will not have any troubles with gaming performance.

Think we missed something? Let us know.

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