Insiders at Apple Have Revealed Details About the Long Talked About Products.

It’s clear that Apples’ CEO, Tim Cook, has had his eye on the VR and AR markets for a long time now. Back in 2017, he expressed his opinion on the two technologies at an event hosted by Oxford University. He stated he was “incredibly excited about AR because I can see uses for it everywhere”. He shared that he wasn’t as excited about VR because of the way it isolates people from their surroundings but that “there are clearly some cool niche things for VR…”. While it is clear that VR isn’t necessarily his favourite, it’s no surprise that Apple has been working on some VR and Ar experiences of their own.

Tim Cook
Tim Cook

According to a report by The Information, Apple has pushed back their plans on releasing the AR headset to 2022 and their AR glasses to 2023. This is quite a large push back considering their original headset release was rumored for 2020.

The Headset

The headset to be released in 2022 is supposed to resemble a sleeker Oculus Quest. The headset will resemble current headsets in features too. The Apple headset will use external camera’s for mapping the users surroundings and will have a high resolution display. Unlike most headsets however, Apples’ headset will use these features for AR functionality rather than VR. While the headset will have VR capabilities, they will not be the focus.

The Glasses

According the The Information, the AR glasses set to be released after the headset will be something new that we haven’t yet seen. Unlike the HoloLens, the prototypes from Apple “look like high-priced sunglasses with thick frames”. This indicates that they’ll also be different from the Google Glass and no extra components will protrude from the glasses.

The thick frames of the glasses will house the battery and chips according the The Information. According to sources, Apple is also investigating the use of system to darken the lenses of the glasses while using an app to indicate that you are busy.

Both the headset and glasses are set to use an advanced version of the iPhone’s 3D sensor system. This is the technology used for your Face ID. This new system will allegedly release in the new iPad Pro next year. There are also reports of developers working on a new OS called “rOS” which will reportedly allow users to pair their Apple products to the headsets.

While these details are very exciting, the final product will likely be different than this current prototype. Apple is reportedly attempting to find cheap ways to lighten the glasses for comfort using aerospace composite materials. While this is currently expensive, it has the potential for a new revolutionary take on AR.

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