Virtual reality technology is being developed to convince Cows they aren’t in Russia.

If you haven’t had a go at virtual reality yet, you might want to get on that. Why? Because the cows are about to beat you to it. Moscow’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food announced just a few days ago that they were testing virtual reality goggles on a cow in the Moscow Region to virtually improve conditions.

If you’re struggling to understand, that’s cool because it is a bit of an odd concept. The virtual reality goggles are being used to improve conditions for cows by simulating a warm summer field rather than, well.. Russia. The goal of this testing is for decreased anxiety levels in cows for increased milk production.

Cows using VR headsets
Virtual Headsets for Cows

Of course, a standard VR headset won’t fit on the head of a cow however this has been covered. The designers creating headsets specifically designed to fit on the cows head and survive farm conditions.

When designing the environment, the designers kept it simple. The environment was a simple summer farm setting with mainly red colour scheme. This is based on studies that show cattle vision perceives the red area of the colour spectrum better than the others.

How effective is it?

Turns out it is actually quite effective. Experts involved in the study revealed a drop in the heard anxiety and an increased mood overall. Unfortunately, we won’t know for a while whether the experiment is actually effective for increasing milk production.

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The general consensus however is that milk production will go up. This is based on well established links between emotional well-being and milk production among cows. Whatever the test yields, it is definitely an interesting use for virtual reality in industry and will surely open new doors for using VR.

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