Adobe has increased their stake in immersive technology design.

Only a month ago, Adobe released their first application dedicated solely to immersive technology design in the form of Adobe Aero. Once again, Adobe is embracing the reality technologies through the purchase of Oculus Medium from Facebook.

Oculus Medium was first released in 2016 and was a groundbreaking 3D sculpting software. The use of computers for 3D modelling in the past has been an odd exercise compared to working with a physical medium. The goal of Oculus Medium was to transfer this sculpting technique from physical work to computer modelling.

Oculus Medium
Oculus Medium Art

Adobe head of Immersive, 3D and founder of Allegorithmic (acquired by Adobe in January 2019), Sebastien Deguy, announced the acquisition of Oculus Medium in a blog post 3 days ago. Deguy made it clear in the post that Adobe aims to maintain continuity in the app. Particularly in the way the app is accessed and used by artists currently. Obviously take-overs can have a large impact on apps and their communities and it’s clear that Adobe wants to avoid this at all costs.

Deguy made his admiration clear for the Oculus Medium team stating, “we’ve always looked up to Medium and seen shaping as something we’d love to tackle”. Continuing on, stating the Substance and Medium teams are ready to work together on the next generation of 3D tools.

Oculus Medium

Whats next?

Adobe has had a growing stake in the immersive technology industry for a little while now. With the release of Adobe Aero earlier in the year and now the acquisition of Oculus Medium, Adobe clearly has big plans for this growing industry.

The shift in ownership will lead to interesting future development of 3D design technology. This also raises questions about Oculus Quill, a similar 3D modelling software focused more on artistic illustration. Although there was no mention of Quill in the post, it wouldn’t be a surprise for the app to follow.

If you couple these programs with Adobe Substance, the future of game design fuelled by Adobe looks very promising. Only time will tell how these developments will fuel the virtual reality industry.

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