Oculus’ new groundbreaking standalone headset is taking the world by storm, let’s set yours up together.

The Oculus Quest has been quite the talk of the town in the past few months. Being one of the first truly independent virtual reality headsets along with the Oculus Go, the Quest will have a huge impact on the future of VR.

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Since Christmas has come and gone, we figure that there are plenty of folks around trying to figure out how to setup their brand new headset. In this article, we will go over exactly that and what you can expect to find in the box.

Oculus Quest Headset
Image Credit: Oculus

What’s in the Box?

Before we take the lid off the box, you’ll need to take notice of the storage size of the headset. The Oculus Quest is available in a 64GB and 128GB storage size. Judging by the typical size of most virtual reality applications, the 64GB headset should be enough for the average gamer. If you plan on using the headset for more than just gaming, like movies, you might want to go for the 128GB headset.

When you open the box, you’ll be greeted by a basic layout of everything you need. Inside you will find a small box that contains all of your charging equipment including a 3m (10ft) USB-C to USB-C charging cable. You will also find a spacer in the box that can be used for glasses. This will allow for extra room between you and the headset lenses. Finally, you will find the Oculus Quest headset as you would expect and two controllers, identical to the controllers supplied with the Rift S.

Setting Up Your Headset

The first thing that you will want to do in the setup process is download the Oculus app to your IOS or Android device. You will only need to use this app for the setup process. Once you have done so, turn your headset on and pair the app to your device. The app will ask you to input a 5 digit code that is being displayed by your headset. Once you have done this, you will then be able to connect the headset to the Wi-Fi network. This will then let you download any firmware updates to your headset or controllers, which arrive pre-paired to the headset.

Once you completed the updates, you will be treated to a safety video similar to the Rift S. The video will also explain the different ratings given to games in relation to the activity level required for each. If you are new to virtual reality, it might be worth sticking to the comfortable games until you become familiar with the sensation.

Similar again to the Rift S setup, you will then need to setup your guardian boundary and floor height. This boundary lets the headset know where the bounds of you play space is so that it can stop you from travelling outside of this area in game.

The Quest headset will also ask you to setup your IPD measurement. This is a super important step and is slightly different from how the Rift S handled this. On the Quest, you will need to physically adjust a roller on the bottom of the headset to find your ideal IPD. You can find more about your IPD here.

Finally, you will be prompted to participate in the new ‘First Steps’ program. This program will teach you how to use your new virtual hands and will run you through a couple different experiences. One of these experiences is in a shooter layout and the second involves dancing with an alien, something different to the Rift S for sure. And you’re all done.

Now you will have access to the home area of the headset, in this area you will be able to access games, talk to friends and even check out YouTube videos. In the future, Oculus plans on extending this reality sensation by including a movie cinema, which will definitely be an interesting inclusion to the environment.

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