With another exciting CES event ahead of us, we take a look at the key exhibitions you need to take a look at.

CES has been a gathering place of innovators since the very first CES took place in 1967. Since then, CES has provided a stage to display the latest and greatest in technological innovation. In those 53 years, we have been provided with a large number of life changing products. Some of those products include:

  • Videocassette Recorder (VCR) – 1970
  • HD Television – 1998
  • Microsoft Xbox – 2001
  • OLED TV – 2008
  • Tablets and Notebooks – 2010
  • Driver-less Car Technology – 2013
  • Virtual Reality – 2015

And this is just a few of the life changing products announced on the CES stage. To put it simply, CES is where you go when you want to show off something you believe will change the world.

Ever since the announcement of virtual reality in 2015, virtual and augmented reality now have a designated category at CES. In that category, there are a total of 345 exhibitions bringing something to the VR/AR category. Below, we are going to take a look at the three exhibitions you should keep an eye out for.


Cybershoes are the latest attempt at solving the locomotion problem faced when using VR. If you are unaware, the locomotion problem has plagued VR users since the beginning. By using a joystick to move, the average VR user can often be hit by motion sickness. Ever since then, developers have been trying to design different ways of moving in VR to stop this. That’s where Cybershoes comes in.

Cybershoes was first announced on kickstarter in 2015, and after working out the kinks, now have what appears to be solid product. The shoes use a roller and sensors to track movement of your feet while sitting down on a chair. This movement is then translated into locomotion in game.

Cybershoes also supply a special anti-static carpet with the shoes, which you will need to use. The static that generates with normal carpet can cause trouble with the electronics in the shoes. The team at Cybershoes hope their product will make walking in VR commonplace, solving the locomotion problem for good.

You can find the Cybershoes exhibition at LVCC, South Hall 1 in booth 21645.


While Arcadeo’s exhibit doesn’t fall under the virtual reality category, their product will be a game changer for the future of home VR. At CES 2020, Arcadeo will be announcing their haptic feedback gaming chair. This chair features a total of 10 haptic actuators in the back and seat of the chair to provide instant haptic feedback in game. With a 16 core multiprocessor and USB-C 3.1 connectivity, latency between the chair and game system is at its very minimum.

While the Arcadeo chair is not to be released yet, it does offer a unique and substantially cheaper avenue for immersive gaming than full body feedback suits. Unfortunately however Arcadeo have not revealed the price that they will be selling the chair for. This will be an exhibition that will have a large impact on the immersive gaming community.

You can find the Arcadeo exhibition at Sands, Hall G in booth 50841.


Another company focusing on haptic feedback at CES is BHaptics who will be displaying their wireless haptic feedback suit called the Tactsuit. This is a modular haptic feedback suit designed for massive immersion in games. The display will consist of the wireless vest, a feedback unit for the HMD and sleeves for the hands, arms and feet.

BHaptics Tactot

BHaptics have designed the Tactot vest with 40 individual vibration points to supply feedback all over your body. They have programmed these vests to provide feedback at all points of the body, even between two separate vibrations points. No doubt, BHaptics will have a few suits available for testing out and shouldn’t be missed.

You can find the BHaptics exhibition at LVCC, South Hall 1 in booth 21848.

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