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Let’s take a look at Augmented Reality

Whether you realise it or not, Augmented Reality has been creeping its way into our lives. Every game or app that uses your camera to put a digital character or item over the physical world around you is a form of AR. It takes the world around you as an input and distorts it slightly to send it back to you on your phone.

A limitation of Augmented Reality is that it is limited to simple images and animations that it lays over the physical world. However, this doesn’t stop companies from using this technology. AR is used by many companies for enhancing the customer experience or as a tool for trialing items. It is also increasingly used for developing games such as Pokemon GO.

There is technology that is fighting these limitations and that is Mixed Reality. Mixed Reality is one of the most exciting reality technologies being developed today and is under the AR umbrella. It is one of the most applicable technologies for design and business, as well as incorporating the virtual world into your home. MR is the overlaying of an interactive virtual world on the physical world, allowing a truly integrated virtual experience.

We are super excited about the future of Augmented Reality and want to share that excitement with you. On our site, we plan to explore these topics below in depth and aim to get you as excited about AR & MR technology as we are.


We are going to take a look at the latest AR games on the market and whether they hold up.

Latest Products

We will explore the Augmented Reality products that hit the shelves and how they can help you.

New Industries

We will investigate where AR is popping up in different industries and why it’s important.

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